Hati Belum Berkubur

Hati Belum Berkubur - EP1

85 Min

By Suria Published: 25 Jan 2019 Audio: Malay

Natrah is often left behind by her husband Rafiq who is a 'workaholic'. Suddenly during an outing with her friend Wani, Natrah reunites with her best friend, Zoey. Zoey, who was three years younger and now a singer, had confessed his love for Natrah but was rejected because they were still schooling. After their reunion, Natrah is no longer lonely as Zoey often accompanies her. Eventually her husband discovers their forbidden relationship. Zoey and Rafiq got into an argument where Rafiq wants Zoey to not interfere with his home affairs. Zoey agreeds on condition that Rafiq does not neglect his responsibility to Natrah as Zoey loves Natrah. Rafiq's habit become more outrageous, not only does he ignores his wife but he becomes involved in a relationship with his colleague Atie. As Rafiq violated the terms agreed with Zoey, Zoey knocks down Rafiq. Zoey was sentenced to death but before being sentenced, he donates his heart to Rafiq.

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