Have A Little Faith

Have A Little Faith - EP7

45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Jul 2017 Audio: Chinese

Le Qi places her phone in the toilet, hoping to secretly film Ming Ren, but the phone gets discovered. Zai De takes the blame for it instead. Fang Dong expresses his disappointment and demands that he move out. Xiao Xi realizes her feelings towards Ming Ren, and worries he might find out about what she actually does for a living. Just as she decides to move out, she faints!乐琪把手机放在洗手间准备偷拍明仁,结果手机被发现。载德为她隐瞒,承认是他所为。方东对他大表失望,不让他继续租房,要他离开。晓溪发现自己喜欢明仁,担心明仁知道她是个骗子后无法接受,决定离开,却突然晕倒!

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