Hear Me Out S4 有话要说 4

Hear Me Out S4 有话要说 4 - EP3

Fan Dong Kai - Choreographer 编舞家 范东凯
45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 11 Mar 2018 Audio: Chinese

Fan Dong Kai, the artistic director of the annual Chingay Parade, was born and raised in China’s Fujian province during 1960s. He became a renowned dancer and choreographer after the Cultural Revolution. However, Fan Dong Kai chose to settle down in Singapore after his first visit here in the year 1992. Fan Dong Kai will share the ups and downs of his journey in dance, beginning in a closed - off society. As an immigrant who has lived in Singapore for a long time, what are his thoughts and views about Singapore’s multicultural society ? 一年一度《妆艺大游行》的艺术总监范东凯,60年代出生在中国福建农村,机缘巧合下成了文革后期诞生的第一代舞蹈艺术家,享誉当代舞坛。然而1992年的一趟探亲之旅却让范东凯选择落户新加坡。 范东凯在《有话要说》中回顾自己的成长历程,学习舞蹈的苦与乐,如何在封闭环境中寻求艺术突破?作为早期移民,他是如何融入本地社群,从各族文化中创造出妆艺的本土色彩?

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