Heart To Heart 心点心

Heart To Heart 心点心 - EP1

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 24 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

Yue Xiang Lou is a famous traditional teahouse in the 90s with strong Cantonese influence and booming business, with its specialty "Kai Kou Xiao" Char Siu Pau made by founder Yue Da Zhong especially popular. In 2018, when Da Zhong's grandson Wen Guang returned from America, he sees that the teahouse had changed its name to Yue Xiang Lou (a different Yue from the signboard 21 years ago), and its business suffered as the dim sum had a fusion of both Western and Chinese elements. The current boss Yue Tian Hua tried to sell the teahouse, but was hindered by Wen Guang. Tian Hua was enraged, but subsequently realised that Wen Guang is his son that he has not seen for a long time.《粤香楼》是90年代一家传统点心茶楼,生意兴隆,尤其是老板岳大中所做的"开口笑"叉烧包,更是大受欢迎。2018年,大中的孙子文广从美国回来,发现《粤香楼》已经改名《越香楼》,食物走fusion路线,不中不西。老板岳天华更想将酒楼出售,文广阻止。天华气结,后来才知文广是自己多年不见的儿子。

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