Hello Miss Driver 下一站。遇见

Hello Miss Driver 下一站。遇见 - EP16

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 13 May 2019 Audio: Chinese

Yu Lin badmouths about Chen Xi to Yu Zhu; she even says that if Chen Xi remarries, she will bring along everything that Wen Liang gave her and Yu Zhu will lose everything. She will not only become lonely and might even become homeless. Yu Lin wants Yu Zhu to stop Chen Xi from getting into a relationship with Yi Yang. Yu Zhu then forces Chen Xi to swear that she will not be together with Yi Yang. 宇琳在玉珠面前说晨曦坏话,指晨曦若是改嫁,就会把文良给她的东西全部带走,玉珠将变得一无所有,孤苦伶仃,甚至流落街头,要玉珠无论如何都要阻止晨曦和一阳在一起。玉珠遂逼晨曦发毒誓,永远不会和一阳在一起。

Hello Miss Driver 下一站。遇见
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