Hey Chef! S2

Hey Chef! S2 - EP2

44 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 14 Jun 2017 Audio: Chinese

Although you always hands-on but the flavor is never good enough. What's the problem? Watch to find out how Chef Daniel helps Creative Director, Irene improve the quality of her Chicken Rice Burger. Chef Daniel will also help to prepare 2 other dishes using very ordinary ingredients. Do not miss this ep!常常动手做菜,效果口感总是差强人意,到底问题出在哪里?主持人Pornsak和赖怡伶,收到广告网络界创意总监Irene的求救,看大厨许树洲如何帮Irene把没有鸡饭味道的“鸡饭汉堡”提质打造,给予新生命,注入垂涎的精彩。除了大厨版的“鸡饭汉堡”,大厨也利用存储在橱柜里,几乎被忽略的普通食材,创造另外两道视觉和味蕾绝对无以伦比的美食。

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