Hey Chef! S2 大厨帮帮忙 2

Hey Chef! S2 大厨帮帮忙 2 - EP9

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 02 Aug 2017 Audio: Chinese

What happens when a lawyer meets a chef ? Lawyer, Josephus Tan, who once won the world's top 10 outstanding youth award and Singapore's outstanding youth award, has something else to stress about and Chef Vincent Aw will be here to save him ! Chef Aw will be sharing tips on how to cook the perfect seafood chicken braised rice.大律师碰上大厨师,绝对大爆料!曾获颁世界十大杰出青年奖和新加坡杰出青年奖,年轻有为的陈俊良律师发出求救讯号,找来本地酒店餐饮行业最年轻的行政总厨之一的胡晖益,拯救《海鲜鸡肉烩饭》。到底大律师为什么喜欢"一锅熟"的料理,烹调过程中,遇到什么大难题,让他无所适从呢?敬请期待,节目中自有分晓!

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