Hey DJ 校园新声代

Hey DJ 校园新声代 - EP1

24 Min

By Channel U Published: 22 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

"Hey DJ" is a YES 933 talent search competition where all 9 DJs combed the ground of 5 local tertiaries to search for the ultimate student representatives of their institutions ! The debut show features DJ Kunhua and Meigui in LASALLE College of the Arts, stay tuned to see who emerged as the winner ! 《校园新声代》是YES 933崭新的跨媒体节目,全体DJ倾巢而出;目的就是要寻找有潜力和魅力的"校园特派员"!"拉萨尔艺术学院"的学生准备好了吗?DJ坤华和美贵来咯!谁将获得他们的青睐?记得收看哦!

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