Hey DJ 校园新声代

Hey DJ 校园新声代 - EP4

23 Min

By Channel U Published: 15 Mar 2018 Audio: Chinese

Join the duo, YES 933 DJ Henry and Hazalle in the quest to Singapore Polytechnic in search of the wackiest and charismatic students to showcase their talents in this competition ! How will the students fare when they come face to face with the DJs ? Stay tuned to this episode for more ! 好搭档Henry和颖双来到了"新加坡理工学院"!两人将会碰到哪些具备强烈个人魅力、谈吐大方又不失幽默感的学生呢?面对DJs的牙尖嘴利,这些学生又会使出什么浑身解数取得晋级资格?不看你会后悔哦!

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