Hey DJ 校园新声代

Hey DJ 校园新声代 - EP5

23 Min

By Channel U Published: 22 Mar 2018 Audio: Chinese

Wei Bin and Chen Ning from YES 933 made their appearance at ITE College Central to hunt for the one representing the college in the semi-finals. Let's see how the students put in their very best to secure votes from the DJs ! It was a tough challenge and boy how did the DJs picked the ultimate two ? 伟彬和陈宁出现在"工艺教育中区学院"的目的就是要找出能代表学院出赛的学生!且看学生们如何展现才华和魅力来赢得DJ们的青睐!挑战如此艰巨…学生们的努力有目共睹,DJ们要如何选出该校的两位代表呢?

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