Hey DJ 校园新声代

Hey DJ 校园新声代 - EP7

24 Min

By Channel U Published: 05 Apr 2018 Audio: Chinese

"Hey DJ" welcomes the first round of semi-finals and 10 contestants will split into two groups to receive training from various DJ coaches ! They will be trained in eloquence and the ability to react during interview. After which, they will take turn to interview "Famous Stars" in Asia ! "Hey DJ校园新声代"正式进入半决赛!十位参赛者将分为两组接受DJ导师们的训练,从口才和应变能力等着手学习。随后,亚洲当红的"影视红星"将轮番上阵,给参赛者们最严峻的考验!究竟谁能够暂时领先群英呢?

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