Hey, Let's Sing! 嗨唱起来

Hey, Let's Sing! 嗨唱起来 - EP12

Finale 大结局
72 Min

By Channel U Published: 01 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

A new music programme that turns the stage into a huge karaoke session. In each session, 3 contestants will be selected to sing with the guest performers. Guest performers include Fei Yuqing, Gem, Jam Hsiao, Li Rong Hao, Jeff Chang etc.《嗨!唱起来》采用星素合唱的形式,来一次“全民共唱”。100个素人歌手通过现场的“K歌”获得机会成为三位幸运歌手,与每期现场的献唱嘉宾进行合唱挑战,从而一步步接近自己的梦想 。第七期开始进行了赛制上的更新,进一步强化星素互动,让百位欢唱达人有了更多的展示机会,互动模式更加好玩、好看、好听。嘉宾歌手包括费玉清,邓紫棋,萧敬腾,李荣浩,张信哲等。

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