Hollywood in Vienna - A Tribute to Alexandre Desplat

Hollywood in Vienna - A Tribute to Alexandre Desplat - EP1

93 Mins

By Channel 5 Published: 11 Mar 2018 Audio: English

Hollywood in Vienna invites to an unforgettable musical journey through space and time and honours the Hollywood composer, Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy Award winner Alexandre Desplat. First, A Space Odyssey leads us to outer space. We enter the infamous, global Star Wars and are rescued by Star Treks spaceship Enterprise before Gravity pulls us back to earth and, finally, we fulfill E.T.'s wish, to phone home. In the second part, Desplats atmospheric melodies for Harry Potter, Twilight, The Kings Speech and The Grand Budapest Hotel let us virtually float through the universe. Featuring star singers from various musical genres Verdi soprano Kristin Lewis, singer - songwriter Katerine Ellis and pop star Grace Capristo.

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