Home Dining 开门见餐

Home Dining 开门见餐 - EP7

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Sam Wong is passionate about life, and of course, cooking. He started with helping Grandma in the kitchen when he was a small kid. Small nuggets of wisdom and techniques were garnered here and there. He started a private kitchen in April 2016, by cooking Cantonese cuisine with charcoal. Today's menu includes his signature dish - Charcoal Roast Duck, Lotus Leaf Chicken, Steamed Prawn with Dried Radish and etc. What's so special about his cooking ? Let's find out in "Home Dining" ! 经营舞鞋批发生意的黄培健,从小随祖母上巴刹,也经常在厨房帮祖母做菜,耳濡目染之下,传承了祖母的手艺,并坚持用传统炭炉,烹调出一道道具古早味的广东料理。今天他为嘉宾准备的菜单包括他的招牌菜 - 炭火烤鸭、蕉衣荷香鸡,以及老菜脯蒸虾、清炒午鱼片等。单听菜名,你是否已经食指大动了呢?欢迎你一起来“开门见餐”!

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