Home Truly 回家

Home Truly 回家 - EP20

45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 06 Mar 2017 Audio: Chinese

Qilin and Weibin do their part to nurture Ziheng to be a better person. He appreciates their painstaking efforts, and even comforts Qilin when she miscarries. Their relationship improves greatly. Jing’en is released from prison and Ziheng returns to her care. Thereafter, Qilin suggests to Weibin that they provide foster care for disadvantaged children. Jing’en promises to take care of Jianfeng for life. He is depressed at not being able to find a job and earn a living. Little does he expect Hong Shan to throw away his crutches and force him to stand up. After a long period of therapy, Jianfeng is finally able to walk with crutches. He forgives Hong Shan and takes him out of the nursing home. They live together as a family with Jing’en and Ziheng. Dongbo expands the fish farm. He puts Dayu in charge of the kelongs and gives him a 10 per cent share of the business. Dayu brings A-xiang back from Thailand and reunites with her. Dongbo and Peizhi’s relationship is at a standstill. Exasperated, Shengquan sends Peizhi back to Thailand. Dongbo rushes to the bus station, hoping to intercept her.

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