How are You? 好世谋 (Mandarin Dubbed)

How are You? 好世谋 (Mandarin Dubbed) - EP11

44 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 15 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

Gan Dang is deeply affected by his mother's sudden death; he becomes demoralised and stays home all day long. He does not even go to work. Ma Sai tries to comfort him, asking him to stop blaming himself. Ma Sai then asks Gan Dang to go out with him as he wants to buy lottery. Gan Dang buys the numbers given by his inmates, hoping that he will win the lottery and he will have money to pay his debts. 敢当被母亲突然死亡的事情所打击,变得意志消沉,每天在家里不想出门,有工作也不想去做。马赛设法开解,叫他不要自责,还说自己要买马票,硬拉敢当出门。敢当再次买了狱友托他买的四字,希望开出来自己有钱可以还债。

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