How are You? 好世谋 (Mandarin Dubbed)

How are You? 好世谋 (Mandarin Dubbed) - EP13

44 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 15 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

Ma Sai reminisces the past on how he had to sell his hardware store to allow his son De Liang to go overseas to study. However, De Liang decided to stay overseas after graduation and barely came back. Mai Da feels depressed. Out of a sudden, he hears De Liang's voice from the living room saying: "Pa, time for medicine." He looks into the living room in curiosity and realises it is Gan Dang; He feels touched. 马赛回想自己当年为了让儿子德良完成出国留学的梦想,将五金店出让的往事。谁知德良毕业便留在国外,甚少回来。马赛悲从中来,突然听到客厅里传来德良的声音,说;“爸,吃药了。”他好奇前往查看,发现原来是敢当的杰作,心中感动。

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