How Are You? 好世谋

How Are You? 好世谋 - EP15

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Apr 2019 Audio: Hokkien

Qing Hu steals a diamond bracelet to pawn and this causes Mei Ruo to run away from home. Bai Bai and Qing Qing invite Ouyang Ming and Gan Dang separately for dinner, hoping they can reconcile. Ouyang Ming breaks the ice, and they make up. A drunk Da Han sings a love song at the hawker center. A passer-by records it and posts it online. He becomes an overnight sensation online. On the day of the wedding, Ouyang Ming gets cold feet, and it's a huge blow for Bai Bai... 清湖偷了钻石手链去当,美若气得离家出走。白白青青分别请欧阳明和敢当回家吃饭,希望他们和好。欧阳明主动找敢当破冰,两兄弟总算和解。达瀚喝醉在小贩中心唱情歌,被路人围观录下,让他一夜爆红。婚礼当天,欧阳明却临阵退缩,让白白大受打击…

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