How Are You? 好世谋

How Are You? 好世谋 - EP6

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 08 Feb 2019 Audio: Hokkien

To help Adai come to her senses, Gang Dang bring her to her father's cinerary urn. Adai is devastated and can't accept the fact. Bai Bai offenses a wealthy woman unintentionally, and it turns out she is Ouyang Ming's mother, Xiang Yi. When they meet again, Xiang Yi seems to have no impression towards Bai Bai, and this makes Bai Bai feels uneasy...敢当为了让阿戴醒悟,只好带她到父亲的骨灰坛,阿戴晴天霹雳,一时无法释怀。白白无意得罪了一名富婆。孰料,富婆竟是欧阳明的母亲香怡。当香怡再次与白白碰面时,香怡竟然对白白一点印象也没有,白白为此感到莫名不安…

How Are You? 好世谋
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