I Can Cook Too! 大家一起来做饭!

I Can Cook Too! 大家一起来做饭! - EP6

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 12 May 2019 Audio: Chinese

Most kids love eggs and the kid in this episode is no exception. Under the guidance of Host Ben, he learns to make a common Western appetizer, deviled eggs, using a rice cooker. They also visit the egg farm to learn about eggs. Lastly, the kid manages to cook a delicious dish of steamed egg with fish. 鸡蛋是许多小朋友爱吃的食物,这集的小朋友也不例外!首先,主持人指导他利用电饭锅做出西方常见的开胃菜—魔鬼蛋。接着,他们前往本地蛋鸡农场,了解鸡蛋的相关知识。最后,小朋友还完成了一道香滑可口的鱼柳蒸蛋!

I Can Cook Too! 大家一起来做饭!
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