I Killed My BFF S1

I Killed My BFF S1 - EP3

Frat Brother Homicide
40 Mins
Mature Theme 成人题材;

By Toggle Video Published: 07 Oct 2016 Audio: English

I Killed My BFF gives new meaning to the word "frenemy" and proves just how thin the line can be between love and hate. In this new series of crime specials, we'll explore true stories so shocking they have to be seen to be believed. From the woman who sabotaged her best friend's parachute to win the affections of a man, to the woman who permanently ended a friendship over a twenty dollar dispute, to the man who plotted his friend's murder over a Facebook war of words. These stories reveal that the most intense and cherished friendships are often the ones that lead to the most tragic and unexpected crimes of passion.

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