I Love You Mum Challenge - A Gift For Mum S2 大声说出我爱你- 妈妈的礼物 2

I Love You Mum Challenge - A Gift For Mum S2 大声说出我爱你- 妈妈的礼物 2 - EP6

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 15 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

In this episode, the mother, whose legs were amputated due to diabetes, is staying in a 3-room flat with her husband. Her elder daughter Wendy feels that the mother has become despair and lost energy to her life as she was once lively and active and loved travelling. The mother has difficulty stepping out from their house, as there are three staircases at the entrance and the father is too old to carry her out of the house. The mother has no choice but to stay at home and watch TV to spend her whole day. The mother tries not to disturb others, preferring to move on an office chair from bedroom to living room and get on the bed herself, but she encountered two falls from the office chair. The daughter wishes to renovate the living room as an encouragement for the mother that the whole family is always there to support her. The hosts even get in touch with Temasek Poly students to produce a wheelchair so that the mother can navigate safely.大女儿Wendy亲眼见到曾经意气风发,喜爱旅行、四处走动的母亲,自从因为糖尿病,双脚遭截肢后,变得意志消沉。由于家门口有三个梯阶,推动轮椅出门有所困难,加上父亲年纪已大,无法抱起母亲离开家门,母亲除了房间以外,只能困在四方墙内,寸步难行。她每天大部分的时间就是坐在客厅看电视,而且为了不麻烦别人,她选择坐在比较容易在房间与客厅出入,以及上下床的办公椅,却也因此有两次跌到的意外。Wendy希望透过新客厅的改造,鼓励妈妈更积极的面对人生,甚至走出家门;主持人担心母亲的安全问题,更是请了淡马锡理工学院的学生制作了办公轮椅。

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