#I Love You Mum Challenge - A Gift for Mum

#I Love You Mum Challenge - A Gift for Mum - EP10

46 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Jun 2017 Audio: Chinese

The family of this episode grew up in an abusive environment where the father constantly hit them, abused alcohol and he has owned a huge debt which was paid off by the mother having need to work very hard. Jean reckoned the mum's effort in bringing her up hence she would like to express her love through this program.这一集,Jean和妈妈因为酗酒、有暴力倾向的父亲,一直活在被打骂和被伤害的日子中。为了孩子,母亲这20多年来忍受丈夫的亏待,一个人打三份工,甚至为了还清丈夫的赌债,一无所有。Jean了解母亲的辛苦,因此想借机向她大声说出我爱你。

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