I Remember The Fall Of Singapore

I Remember The Fall Of Singapore - EP1

47 Min

By CNA Published: 15 Feb 2017 Audio: English

I REMEMBER THE FALL OF SINGAPORE takes you back 75 years ago, when the Japanese invaded this island in a quest for power and resources. Individual testimonies, memoirs and oral histories provide a highly personalised and visceral account of the Japanese invasion. While the Fall of Singapore is typically told from a predominantly European perspective, this documentary shifts the historical lens to present it also as an Asian war. Chinese, Indian, Malay and Japanese civilians and soldiers are now the principal characters of this momentous time in history. These intimate stories help us understand what it was like to live through those times of suffering and fear, and why it is important to understand history in human terms. I REMEMBER THE FALL OF SINGAPORE reminds us that Singapore emerged from the ashes of war to become a young and thriving self-reliant nation.

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