In Bed With 幸福双人床

In Bed With 幸福双人床 - EP10

Huang Shinan and Pan Lingling rate each other’s massage skills黄世南 VS 潘玲玲 爱的按摩大斗决!
8 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 31 Oct 2016 Audio: Chinese

During Pan Lingling’s battle with cancer, Huang Shinan gave her regular massages to help her destress and sleep better at night… BUT does it make him the better masseur between the two of them? Watch this video to find out how this celebrity couple fared in Toggle’s In Bed With massage challenge. 潘玲玲抗癌期间,黄世南常为她按摩,让她晚上更容易入睡…但是,他的按摩技术如何?潘玲玲的评论是…?Toggle《幸福双人床》自有分晓!

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