Innocence Lost S2 童工2

Innocence Lost S2 童工2 - EP6

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 14 Mar 2017 Audio: Chinese

Horse racing is a popular activity in many countries, but the races at Lombok, Indonesia are not quite the same. At Lombok, all jockeys are children - some as young as five years old. Why are they willing to put their lives at stake, throwing caution to the wind as they gallop down the tracks ? 赛马,在很多国家和地区都很流行,但印度尼西亚的龙目岛的赛马活动却有些不一样。在这里,所有的骑师都是儿童,而且年龄最小的只有五岁。究竟这群儿童骑师为了什么不顾生命危险,骑着马儿在赛马道上奔驰呢?

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