Innocence Lost S2 童工2

Innocence Lost S2 童工2 - EP8

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 28 Mar 2017 Audio: Chinese

Naani is making wax for block printing business. The smoke is thick when the melting process takes place. She feared she might become next victim when the boy next door being burned by boiling wax. Sahul and his 5 family members live under the bridge. He picks garbage in order to feed the rest. 印度12岁女童Naani为布料印刷烧制蜡块;烧蜡时浓烟呛鼻,邻家男童被浓浆灼伤毁容,她深怕自己是下一个受害者。Sahul一家六口住在天桥下;他和姐姐靠拾荒养家,足迹踩遍各大垃圾山,割伤跌伤是家常便饭。

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