Inside The Children's ICU

Inside The Children's ICU - EP2

Staying Strong
22 Mins
Disturbing Scenes 画面令人不适;

By Toggle Video Published: 05 Feb 2018 Audio: English

Unprecedented access was given to Channel NewsAsia inside the Children's ICU at KK Women's and Children's Hospital. This five-part series documents life inside the Children's ICU - the daily struggle of children as young as three years old, who have to fight for their right to live; the emotional turmoil this causes their parents and the men and women in white who wage war against life-threatening diseases, so these children can grow up. In the second episode, 17 year Kristy has just survived open-heart surgery but there are complications; 3-year-old leukemia patient is Aulia is fighting a life-threatening infection; 3-year-old Xinlin's rare genetic condition means that every breath is a struggle. How do these young patients and their family persevere through the uncertainty, pain and fear ?

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