Jalan Jalan 帶你去走走

Jalan Jalan 帶你去走走 - EP26

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 04 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

Zhen Zhu brings Bing Bing along to the wet market to get the ingredients for Hainanese Chicken Rice. Bing Bing is deeply affected by the friendliness in the wet market. Zhen Zhu sighs that supermarkets and online shopping are overtaking wet markets, causing them to close down. Bing Bing invites Bao Zuan to prepare Hainanese Chicken Rice together. During the cooking process, Bing Bing is conscientious while Bao Zuan shows half-hearted effort. 珍珠带冰冰到湿巴刹购买烹煮海南鸡饭的材料,冰冰被浓浓的人情味感染,珍珠却感叹超级市场和网上购物渐渐取代,传统巴刹命运堪虞。冰冰突邀请宝钻一起学做海南鸡饭。过程中,冰冰非常认真,宝钻却敷衍了事。

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