Jalan Jalan 帶你去走走

Jalan Jalan 帶你去走走 - EP76

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Wei Jun and Da Feng join an online singing competition. They are worried that they will be eliminated due to their low in popularity. Candy says that it may be the result of his relationship with Xiao Qing on the net. Wei Jun contemplates if he should announce break up with Xiao Qing. Da Feng is worried the negative image will affect the support from the fans. Candy suggests to create news of Wei Jun not being loyal to his relationship on the net. 玮俊和大风参加网络歌唱比赛,因人气太低,担心会被淘汰。Candy说可能是因为玮俊之前宣布跟小晴的恋情所产生的效果。玮俊矛盾是否要宣布分手,大风却担心负面形象会更影响粉丝的支持率,Candy却建议搞劈腿借机炒作。

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Jalan Jalan 帶你去走走
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