Legal Eagles 法网天后

Legal Eagles 法网天后 - EP1

46 Mins
Some Sexual References 些许性相关语;

By Toggle Video Published: 28 Feb 2017 Audio: Chinese

Tang Meiqi lies on the operating table, awaiting plastic surgery. Flashback one week. Meiqi vouches in court for her good friend, Tracy, who is alleged to have abused her maid. She recalls her young self promising her mother, Caizhen, that she would be a good lawyer when she grew up. Meiqi’s husband, Jian Junhao, has a mistress, Ella, who has survived a suicide attempt. Ella deliberately leaks a video of a drunk Junhao, which suggests he is with a woman. It catches the attention of the media. Meiqi’s cousin, Shasha, is outraged by Junhao’s affair, but Meiqi chooses to turn a blind eye to it. Meiqi’s daughter, Olive, quarrels with her classmate over the video. Junhao does not show up for his wedding anniversary dinner. Leaving the restaurant dejectedly, Meiqi bumps into her long-lost university friend, Lian Ansheng. He senses she is unhappy in her marriage. Meiqi receives evidence of Tracy abusing the maid from Tracy’s husband. She is caught in a dilemma and is unsure whether to turn the evidence in or not.

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