Leverage 偷天任务 (Dual Sound)

Leverage 偷天任务 (Dual Sound) - EP6

53 Min
Some Violence 些许暴力画面

By Channel U Published: 09 Dec 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

The team finds out that the individual responsible for the attack is coincidentally one of Roy's biggest nemesis from his past. The team catches on that the attack was planned by the Chief of Police. There was a huge bribe involved, which revealed corruption inside the police. At the same time, ROY had to face his nemesis again. 队友发现袭击警员事件的人恰好是ROY过去最大的敌人之一。 小组发现袭击事件是警察局局长策划的,内部发生了巨额贿赂 ,揭发了警察内部腐败,同时ROY则不得不再次面对他的克星。

Leverage 偷天任务 (Dual Sound)
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