Life Less Ordinary 小人物向前冲

Life Less Ordinary 小人物向前冲 - EP46

23 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 04 Dec 2017 Audio: Chinese

Chen Feng realises that Lian Hua knows how to hum the nursery rhyme familiar to her . She suspects that Lian Hua is her biological mother . After noticing several coincidences , Chen Feng decides to visit Xiao Qiao's house to confirm the fact with Lian Hua . Da Zhi informs her that Lian Hua and Xiao Qiao are visiting relatives in Muar . Chen Feng recalls that she was also born in Muar and is even more certain that she is the second daughter of the Goh family . 陈凤发现莲花也会哼唱自己熟悉的童谣,怀疑莲花可能是她的生母。连串机缘巧合下,陈凤决定去小巧家找莲花确认。大志告之莲花和小巧赴麻坡探亲,陈凤想起自己也在麻坡出世,更加确定自己就是吴家二女儿。

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