Life Less Ordinary 小人物向前冲

Life Less Ordinary 小人物向前冲 - EP73

22 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese

Xue Ling and Jue Ming continue their intimate relationship. Da Zhi finally discovers the flirty text messages between the two. While quarrelling, it is revealed that Da Zhi cheated Lian Hua into selling the flat and plans to take off with the latter's money. Lian Hua hears this and faints due to the shock. Xue Ling wants a divorce and leaves with Yu Xin. 雪玲和觉明打得火热,终被大志发现两人互传的暧昧简讯。争吵间,爆出大志骗莲花卖屋,想骗走莲花钱一走了之的事。莲花听到,当场受剌激晕倒。雪玲过后扬言离婚,带着予鑫离去。

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