Limited Edition 我是限量版

Limited Edition 我是限量版 - EP2

My Immortal Boyfriend 不死男友 II
15 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 11 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

Louis realizes that Camilla has confused him for her real boyfriend. Finding Camilla to be out of her mind, Louis becomes wary of her. When she attempts to drug him so that they will perish together, Louis stresses that he is entitled to product care and thus able to refuse services that are in breach of safety. Devastated, Camilla faints in her home but is later saved by Louis who sends her to the hospital. While Louis accompanies Camilla in the hospital, a nurse informs him about Camilla and her deceased boyfriend's love story. Deeply moved by the boyfriend's sacrifices, Louis thus decides to help Camilla move on from the past. One night, Louis dresses up as a vampire once more. He imitates the boyfriend's role of a duke and encourages her to live on. Will Camilla heed his advice ? Louis发现Camilla把自己当作真男友,打算下毒和他殉情,Louis觉得Camilla疯了,强调自己是有product care,任何服务都需以商品的安全为基本,拒绝赔死,挥袖离去。Camilla难过,在家中病发晕倒,幸得折返取东西的Louis发现,及时送院救了她一命。 Louis在医院陪伴Camilla时听护士说起Camilla与前男友可歌可泣的爱情故事,被前男友为爱牺牲的深情深深打动。Louis似乎能感受到前男友的用心良苦,决定帮助Camilla走出阴影。 在月黑风高的某个晚上,Louis再次打扮成吸血鬼,模仿前男友扮演成Camilla的伯爵,告诉她活着的意义。弥补Camilla天人相隔的遗愿。

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