Limited Edition 我是限量版

Limited Edition 我是限量版 - EP3

BFF 闺蜜 I
15 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 17 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

Women are creatures who love to compare, even among the best of friends. Mei Ling, a woman with a very common name and average in all other aspects including looks and income, her desire is to rent an inferior-looking best friend who would make her look great in comparison. In response to her request, Boss recommends Hishiko, the most popular 'product' that charges a hefty price. Mei Ling, however, is certain that the ugliest woman before her is going to be the best BFF she will ever have. After spending some time together, Mei Ling gradually finds herself to be gorgeous-looking when compared to Hishiko. Gaining confidence in the process, she finally gathers sufficient courage to confess to her crush, Andrew. However, on the day of Mei Ling and Andrew's first date, Hishiko does not seem like her normal self… 女人是爱比较的动物,即使是再要好的闺蜜,也不免较劲。而长相普通、职业普通,连名字都普通的Mei Ling来到出租店,就是想租一个闺蜜,一个可以让自己变得不那么普通的闺蜜。 Boss随即推荐店里最畅销商品,Hishiko。Mei Ling与Hishiko首次见面便被这个身价不凡,却丑到惊天动地的商品的魅力震慑住。 Mei Ling与Hishiko相处一段时间后,便被Hishiko衬托得闪烁夺目,Mei Ling开始因为拥有比自己糟糕的闺蜜而慢慢建立自信,最后还鼓起勇气向心仪同事Andrew告白。 约会当天,Mei Ling还以为能获得Andrew芳心,不料Hishiko竟然在此时一反常态……

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