Limited Edition 我是限量版

Limited Edition 我是限量版 - EP4

15 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 18 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

Unhappy that Hishiko has ruined her date, Mei Ling falls out with Hishiko. The latter threatens Mei Ling and leaves in a fit of anger. Afraid, Mei Ling considers to terminate Hishiko's service. However, she realizes that she has to go through a series of tedious papers and procedures to complete the termination process. Meanwhile, Mei Ling finds out that Andrew has been toying with her feelings. He even humiliates the poor ugly girl. Hishiko and Mei Ling finally realizes that Andrew is a superficial man. Falling out of love at the same time brings the two girls together, not to mention that they are both ditched by the same man. News about Mei Ling's crush on Andrew spreads like wildfire in the office. Seeing that Andrew finds joy in ridiculing Mei Ling about it, Hishiko revenges for Mei Ling and the two becomes a true pair of BFF. Mei Ling不满约会被Hishiko搞砸,两人关系破裂。Hishiko落下狠话后愤而离开。 Mei Ling害怕,想要终止Hishiko的服务,却发现取消服务需要繁复的作业程序。Mei Ling送了一堆礼物给Andrew,却发现Andrew只是在玩弄她的感情,最后还狠狠羞辱丑女一番。 Hishiko和Mei Ling发现Andrew原来是个肤浅的外貌协会男,两人共同经历失恋与被羞辱,同仇敌忾,互相给彼此打气。 Mei Ling暗恋Andrew的事后来在公司传开,Andrew以当众羞辱Mei Ling为乐。Hishiko见状出手相救,两人最终成为真正的bff。

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