Limited Edition 我是限量版

Limited Edition 我是限量版 - EP5

Woman Who Says No 说不的女人 I
14 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 24 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

Michelle, a popular online author, is being followed. The police arrives when she is attacked and nabs the attacker. As it turns out, the attacker is a 20 year old girl Gao Xuan Xuan, who works as a Free Gift in Boss' rental shop. To everyone's surprise, Michelle defends for Xuan Xuan instead. As it turns out, Michelle rented Xuan Xuan to act as a perverted murderer in order to help her seek inspiration for her new story. Unexpectedly, this incident goes viral online. 知名网红作家Michelle被人跟踪,就在她快被杀之际,警方及时出现,抓到变态杀手。此变态杀手是个年方20岁的小女生(Free Gift 高轩轩),Michelle忽然失常,捍卫变态杀手,原来Michelle为了找题材,竟然出租变态杀手体验生活,刺激写作灵感,万万没想到这个荒唐事件竟然一夜之间在网络爆红……

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