Limited Edition 我是限量版

Limited Edition 我是限量版 - EP6

Woman Who Says No 说不的女人 II
14 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 25 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

Michelle's identity is exposed and her fans start stalking her. They fight to get near her and even share their life stories with Michelle in hopes that they will be written into stories. Losing all her privacy, the paranoid Michelle feels lost and dreadful. One day, a fan trespasses Michelle's house and cooks her pet lobster, who happens to be her only friend. Devastated, Michelle attempts to end her life. Just at then, she hears her pet lobster calling for her… Michelle真实身份曝光,住所和生活一夜之间被疯狂粉丝盯上。 为求接近偶像,粉丝们争相恐后主动与Michelle分享自己的生活,希望Michelle能把自己的故事写成小说。Michelle顿时失去隐私,原本已有焦虑症的Michelle被粉丝们搞得无从招架。 直到有一天,Michelle的家被一位疯狂粉丝潜入,把她唯一的宠物朋友-龙宝宝烹煮成美食,让Michelle痛不欲生。失去唯一人生寄托的她,变得了无生趣,继而打算了结生命。就在Michelle打算轻生时,她再次听到龙宝宝的呼唤 ……

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