Limited Edition 我是限量版

Limited Edition 我是限量版 - EP7

My Superman 我的专属超人 I
15 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 31 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

Given a warning for horrible sales, Hero decides to take the initiative to promote himself by giving out flyers. Xiao Min Min, a girl brought up by her grandfather, picks up his flyer by coincidence. As she has been bullied by her peers all this while, she decides to rent him as a superman to protect her. However, Boss laughs at her when she appears at the shop. Refusing to give up, Xiao Min Min breaks her piggy bank and demands to rent Hero. Unable to turn her down any further, Boss relents. Hero is rented on a few conditions. Not only does he have to appear whenever she is in danger, he is also required to don on the superman costume 24-7. To satisfy Xiao Min Min's requests, Hero ends up sleeping along the corridor and hides in the dark corners. However, his clumsiness often get in the way and he disappoints Xiao Min Min time and again. 英雄因为业绩太差,被Boss警告再没有业绩,就要把他变成销毁品。他只好主动派传单宣传自己。 自小由爷爷带大的小敏敏,正好捡到英雄留下的传单,经常被同龄小朋友欺负的她,想要出租超人来保护她。她来到出租中心,想要出租英雄,却被Boss取笑。小敏敏不死心,带着敲破的扑满都要租英雄,Boss逼于无奈只好将英雄低价出租。 小敏敏与英雄约法三章,要英雄每天24小时都穿上超人服,当她有危险时,要随传随到。为了满足小敏敏的要求,不能进屋的英雄睡在走廊、躲在暗处,奈何笨手笨脚的他一次又一次打破了小敏敏的期待……

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