Limited Edition 我是限量版

Limited Edition 我是限量版 - EP9

Blessings 祝福 I
15 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 07 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Boss receives a parcel that contains a few old toys and a family portrait of him, his wife, and his 4 year old daughter. Infuriated, he throws the parcel away. As it turns out, Boss has never been in contact with his wife and daughter since they left and this secret is buried deep within him. One day, Vanessa arrives at the shop to rent a father who could accompany her on her wedding day. Without a suitable candidate, Boss has no choice but to put himself on lease. Even though Boss accompanies Vanessa to pick her dowry, wedding invitations and wedding dress, he never truly immerses himself into the role of a father. However, witnessing how Vanessa's in-laws ridiculed her for being an orphan, Boss surprisingly stands up to defend her and lectures the in-laws. Shocked by his actions, Vanessa and Xuan Xuan see Boss in a different light… Boss收到包裹,包裹里有一些旧玩具,还有一张全家福,见照片中是Boss和妻子与4岁女儿。Boss反应激烈,在众目睽睽下将包裹丢掉。原来Boss与前妻闹翻后便与妻女不再联络,此秘密一直暗埋心中挥之不去。 某日,客户Vanessa前来出租店租借一位父亲陪同自己出嫁,但店内未有符合形象的商品可出租,Boss逼于无奈接下任务。 Boss陪同女孩看嫁妆、请柬、试婚纱,都是敷衍了事,根本不投入扮演父亲的角色。直到Boss发现Vanessa被对方家长羞辱,突然父爱满溢,捍卫女儿,教训对方的父母此举震惊全场,尤其Venessa与媗媗,对Boss更是刮目相看……

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