Lion Mums S2 (TIF)

Lion Mums S2 (TIF) - EP26

Back At One
46 Mins

By Channel 5 Published: 14 Sep 2017 Audio: English

With Jennifer back in town to help lift Durrani out of her funk following Jason’s death, the girls plan a day out together to bond, commiserate, laugh and forget the daily grind of mummydom for a while. Chae Lian’s inclusion into the group causes tension between her and Jennifer, a matter that is complicated by the appearance of Chae Lian’s old flame at the restaurant .Reza and Eddy take Nabilah and Kai bird-watching at Macritchie Reserve so that the moms can have the day off. But attempts at father-daughter, grandpa-grandson bonding ends up being severely tested when Reza and Eddy lose Nabilah and Kai in the reserve.

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