Lion Mums S2

Lion Mums S2 - EP1

Day One
61 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 09 Aug 2017 Audio: English

It’s the first day of primary school and the start of a race that will ultimately culminate in the PSLE. Kai, Nabilah and Ada begin a new phase of their young lives albeit in different schools as Kai attends a neighbourhood school whilst Nabilah and Ada attend the elite Charleston Primary. Each will face their own challenges on the first day of school. Meanwhile, Jennifer (Bernice Liu), Durrani (Nurul Aini) and Min Yi (Vanessa Vanderstraaten) step into the competitive world of primary school education amidst personal lives that are in flux. Jennifer’s husband Richard (Max Loong) has lost his job, Durrani is in the process of starting her own law firm and Min Yi is trying to put the death of Peng (Russell Ong), her boyfriend, behind her. Unbeknownst to the trio, a new challenge awaits them in the form of a new and formidable Lion Mum. How will the first day of school unfold for each of our mums and their offspring ?

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