Lion Mums S2

Lion Mums S2 - EP10

Sink Or Swim
44 Min
Mature Themes 成人题材;

By Channel 5 Published: 24 Aug 2017 Audio: English

Desperate to find a sport that will allow Ada to get into a good secondary school via the DSA (direct school admission) path, Richard and Jennifer have been frantically sending her for as many sports activities as possible. This week, Jennifer’s prayers are answered when Ada turns out to have ‘shui gan’ - an apparent gift for swimming. Jennifer pours all the family’s financial resources at cultivating Ada’s talent, despite the pressure it puts on her and Richard. Tension mounts when Ada rebels against Jennifer’s attempts to cultivate her talent. Meanwhile, Durrani’s sister, Arina, is called upon to help get Nabilah to her various enrichment classes when their maid falls ill, to disastrous outcomes.

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