Lion Mums S2

Lion Mums S2 - EP17

Of Helpers And Grandparents
46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 20 Nov 2017 Audio: English

Toiling as surrogate parents in the Singapore parenting support structure are the maids and the grandparents . In this episode , we see the lengths in which maids and grandparents go to support their charges and grandchildren , through the eyes of Emmy and Eddy Ho , grandparents of Kai , and Dina , Reza and Durrani’s Indonesian maid . Emmy and Eddy discover how difficult it is to tread the line between spoiling Kai and being good grandparents . Meanwhile , as things ramp up at her new firm , Durrani finds herself increasingly reliant on her helper , Dina , to assist her with caring for Nabilah . This however does not go down well with her mother - in - law , Mari , especially when it transpires that Durrani has been giving away all the clothes and books that Mari has bought for Nabilah to Dina .

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