Lion Mums S2

Lion Mums S2 - EP20

Red Pill Blue Pill
48 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 12 Sep 2017 Audio: English

Reza’s mother, Mari, descends on their household with fertility soups and herbal remedies to help the process of Baby Number Two along. When Durrani gets an upset stomach as a result of all the soups, Reza is on Cloud Nine and assumes she’s pregnant. Little does Reza know that Durrani has been on contraceptives and does not want to have another baby just yet. When Arina learns about her sister’s duplicity, the sisters fight and Arina storms out of the house, triggering Reza’s suspicions. Meanwhile, Margaret Lian’s frustrations with remaining in the GEP program intensify when her mother interferes with her Singapore of the Future model project. She destroys the model in class, which leads to an explosive confrontation between mother and daughter...while someone films...

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