Little Life Hacks 生活小百科大发现

Little Life Hacks 生活小百科大发现 - EP15

Gravity 地心引力
24 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 19 Mar 2017 Audio: Chinese

Newton discovered gravity when he saw a falling apple. Gravity is the topic of this episode and the experiments are based on this natural phenomenon. Let’s see how big brother Ben Yeo and little sister Candyce Toh make art works and solve problems in our daily life with this scientific concept. 因苹果落地让牛顿发现了地心引力。这一集的《生活小百科大发现》以地心引力为主题,以这一个自然现象进行各式各样的实验,看大哥杨志龙和小妹杜蕙甹如何以这个科学原理做出艺术品,解决生活中的小难题。

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