Little Maestros 小当家

Little Maestros 小当家 - EP3

45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 19 Jun 2017 Audio: Chinese

10 year - old Binbin is a boy born in Hong Kong, but his parents are from Mainland China, and not Hong Kong permanent residents. Despite their financial difficulties, Binbin and his mother choose to remain in Hong Kong, setting up home within a tiny 80 - square feet space. Tune in to Binbin's story.10岁的彬彬是一名居住在香港的双非儿童。双非指的是父母双方皆无香港居留权的内地居民,在香港所生的子女。彬彬为什么会在香港居住?他和妈妈在香港过着什么样的生活?记得收看这集的小当家。

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