Lost Love In Times 醉玲珑

Lost Love In Times 醉玲珑 - EP33

45 Min
Some Sexual References 些许性相关语;

By Channel 8 Published: 15 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

The defeated Yuanming instructs Luanfei to assassinate Yuanhao. Luanfei lies to Yuanhao that she is pregnant, leading Yuanhao to elope with her. Yuanan is very furious and orders Yuanling to bring Yuanhao back safely. 军演之事功亏一篑,元溟指使鸾飞刺杀元灏。鸾飞谎称怀孕,元灏立即留书带鸾飞私逃。因元灏私逃,元安震怒命元凌将元灏安全追回。

Lost Love In Times 醉玲珑
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