Love Across The Causeway 对面的女孩

Love Across The Causeway 对面的女孩 - EP1

13 Mins
Some Coarse Language 些许粗俗语言;Some Sexual References 些许性相关语;

By Toggle Video Published: 14 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

Jing Yuan, Yu Heng, and the class applaud as they welcome a new female student from Malaysia, Hui Min. Coincidentally, Hui Min is seated next to Li Ying, the girl that Yu Heng is fond of. In hopes to know the girls better, Yu Heng and Jing Yuan decide to join Hui Min and Li Ying during recess. Jing Yuan is roaming around the school to snap photos during his CCA when he stumbles upon the school's notorious gangster, Hong Wei, harassing Hui Min... 班上来了一位来自马来西亚的新同学慧敏。慧敏被安排坐在宇恒暗恋的同学丽颖旁边。休息时大家交谈甚欢彼此认识,开始了美好的友谊。下课后,敬原留下来参加课外活动,校园内寻找摄影题材,碰巧撞见学校恶霸鸿伟正把慧敏逼到一个角落去...

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